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LaproFlex models


Product code 101000368

A-Traumatic Grasper

Product code 101000369

Short Fenestrated Grasper

Product code 101000382

Maryland Dissector

Product code 101000371

LaproFlex Monopolar models

Metzenbaum Scissors


Product code 101000379



Product code 101000380

Maryland Dissector


Product code 101000381


Dr. Daan LipsHPB / GI surgeon, Medisch Spectrum Twente

“Flexible instruments advance the surgical skills to the level of a robotic platform”

Optimal freedom of movement and minimal strain for the surgeon

The surgeon can accurately steer and rotate the tip of the LaproFlex in all directions.

60° bend angle in all directions

With a simple wrist movement, the tip of the instrument can be angled at 60° in all directions.

360° rotation

Rotate the tip 360 degrees from the handle for the ideal position to grip, manipulate and cut. Both shaft and hand can stay in position.

Ergonomic precision handle

The handle is designed to accommodate the natural position of the hand, resulting in intuitive operation.

Shaft length & diameter

The LaproFlex can be used in a 5 mm trocar and has a shaft length of 320 mm.

Prof. dr. Jelle Ruurda Gastrointestinal and oncological surgeon, UMC Utrecht

“I have noticed that a steerable instrument gives me extra options during laparoscopic procedures”

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