For the first time worldwide, a steerable laparoscopic device was used during a urological procedure

The use of DEAM’s LaproFlex during laparoscopic urological procedures leads to surgeons operating more accurately while saving time. This was shown in a number of urological procedures, such as a sacrocolpopexy done by dr. Dilen, in the Sint-Franciscusziekenhuis in Belgium. As a result, dr. Dilen shared his experience with the LaproFlex in a press conference and the Sint-Franciscusziekenhuis issued the following press release:

Thanks to an innovative Dutch invention, laparoscopic urological procedures can be done more accurately while saving time

For the first time worldwide, a steerable laparoscopic device was used during a urological procedure in the Sint-Franciscusziekenhuis in Belgium. LaproFlex, the name of this new laparoscopic device, was developed by the Dutch company DEAM, based on an invention from the Delft University of Technology. 

New technical possibilities
The advantage of this new steerable device, for the patient, is that the surgeon can operate faster and more accurately in small spaces in the body. The tip of this device can move in all directions and enables the surgeon to operate accurately, even in hard-to-reach places. This comes close to the steerability of the instruments during robot procedures. 

These important benefits apply to most standard laparoscopic procedures in the abdomen such as a prolapsed bladder and colon, removal of a kidney tumor, etc… In these procedures, the flexible part of the device enables better manipulation of the tissue from different angles, which leads to more accurate, faster and safe procedures.

As flexible as an octopus tentacle
With a simple wrist movement the surgeon can steer the tip of the LaproFlex in all directions. This special feature is the result of the Delft University of Technology being inspired by the anatomy of the octopus and developing the mechanism for this instrument, which has the same flexibility as an octopus its tentacles. 

DEAM is proud of their team of young engineers and production forces who made this valuable instrument for minimal invasive surgery, a reality.

Our group of 12 urologists under de name “Kliniek voor Urologie”, form de 4 hospitals of South West Limburg: Sint-Franciscusziekenhuis in Heusden-Zolder, Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis in Sint-Truiden, A.Z. Vesalius in Tongeren and Jessa Ziekenhuis in Hasselt. Together they perform a large number of laparoscopic procedures in which the technical precision of the instrument offers important benefits for the patient with a faster postoperative comfort.

This new instrument will soon be used in all 4 hospitals, which will improve the quality of our standard laparoscopic procedures and facilitate patient recovery. Naturally, robot procedures are reserved for more invasive procedures.

January 13, 2020 News
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